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Edit On The Fly: Online Image Editors

plui/ October 27, 2015/ Photos/ 0 comments

In my previous entry, “Composing Images on Social Media and Smartphones”, I demonstrated the effectiveness about utilizing photo composition techniques for your social media images, and how important it is. Today I will be highlighting the perks of on-the-fly image editing. There are many useful mobile image editors out there for you to alter your photos just be using a web browser.

Streamlining Your Visual Content & Be Consistent

plui/ September 26, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

Often when you notice something wrong or lacking in a brand or person’s social media outlet it is usually a direct cause of lack of consistency across all platforms. While one may want to deliver the same type of message across multiple social platforms, the way it is visualized depends on the structure of the platform itself and also the device you are using…