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Trend It Like Beckham

plui/ December 8, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

I bought my first smartphone (iPhone 3GS) in the fall of 2009, which was 2.5 years after the launch of the original iPhone and the start of the consumer smartphone era. I bought my second smartphone in the spring of 2013 (iPhone 5), which was less than a year after the launch of the device in the fall of 2012. I am now looking to upgrade to a newer model, and that is only 2 years after my last purchase as opposed to the 4 years in between my first and second smartphone.

Oh Baby Please Give A Little Respect, Privacy, and Transparency, To Me

plui/ November 26, 2015/ Ponderings/ 1 comments

Transparency and privacy is not what is used to be. These terms have evolved as much as social media and the Internet has taken over daily human life. Paul Klein states in his Forbes article, Transparency: Social Media is Forcing You to Tell the Truth, “what transparency means to business has changed dramatically”, and in the old business world, only a “minimum degree of disclosure to which agreements, dealings, practices, and transactions are open to all for verification…” But in today’s free-flowing digital world, this simply isn’t enough.

Storify Care!: The Importance of Content Curation

plui/ November 20, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

Storify is a social media tool that allows users to create stories, streams or timelines that relays content from other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, among many others. It is particularly useful when users want to curate a collection of content from various online sources and social platforms, especially when it is relating to a certain topic, demographic, or event.

Social Media Strategies in the Real World

plui/ November 6, 2015/ Photos, Ponderings/ 3 comments

When dealing with social media in the private, public or non-profit sectors, one has to be aware that online campaigns or initiatives that work for one sector may not apply to another sector. The success of a private sector campaign tends to be gauged on the bottom line and revenue returned for their investments in said campaigns. Private sector social campaigns focuses on the bottom line, ultimately.

Nobody Is Safe From Memes: Just Own It

plui/ November 3, 2015/ Photos, Ponderings/ 0 comments

The incredible and powerful thing about the modern Internet “meme” is that it is unpredictable and infectious. The popularity and relevance of a meme is not determined by it’s creator, but by those who replicate, manipulate, and share it after it’s origin. The original intention or meaning of the meme may not be important or even carried over when a meme does become prevalent.

One Selector To Rule Them All: CSS Basics

plui/ October 21, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

As an aspiring middle-weight content creator, it is very necessary to know the basics of coding, particularly with CSS and HTML. Now, you don’t have to be an expert on CSS or HTML, you don’t even have to be competent. But understanding how the coding works is the first step in digesting how the Internet works visually.

Breaking Down the Ruler of Social Media: Facebook

plui/ October 20, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

Facebook is King, Facebook is Queen, Facebook is on everyone’s screen! Using Slideshare, I have created a minimalistic and digestible presentation that breaks down the statistics and scope of the juggernaut of social media: Facebook. In the 11 years that Facebook has been around, it has sparked a shift in the zeitgeist that transformed the way we use computers and mobile phones. Other than Google, no website on the Internet has as much dominance, reach, and power as Facebook.

Three Digital Advertising Terms We Take For Granted

plui/ October 6, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

When you look at your computer screen or your phone everyday and begin to go about your daily browsing on the Internet, do you not notice certain technical terms you use without know what they actually mean? Think about terms like HTML, cache, URL, DSL, or even Wi-Fi, do you know what they all mean?