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Social Media Strategies in the Real World

plui/ November 6, 2015/ Photos, Ponderings/ 3 comments

When dealing with social media in the private, public or non-profit sectors, one has to be aware that online campaigns or initiatives that work for one sector may not apply to another sector. The success of a private sector campaign tends to be gauged on the bottom line and revenue returned for their investments in said campaigns. Private sector social campaigns focuses on the bottom line, ultimately.

Nobody Is Safe From Memes: Just Own It

plui/ November 3, 2015/ Photos, Ponderings/ 0 comments

The incredible and powerful thing about the modern Internet “meme” is that it is unpredictable and infectious. The popularity and relevance of a meme is not determined by it’s creator, but by those who replicate, manipulate, and share it after it’s origin. The original intention or meaning of the meme may not be important or even carried over when a meme does become prevalent.

Edit On The Fly: Online Image Editors

plui/ October 27, 2015/ Photos/ 0 comments

In my previous entry, “Composing Images on Social Media and Smartphones”, I demonstrated the effectiveness about utilizing photo composition techniques for your social media images, and how important it is. Today I will be highlighting the perks of on-the-fly image editing. There are many useful mobile image editors out there for you to alter your photos just be using a web browser.

Composing Images on Social Media and Smartphones

plui/ October 17, 2015/ Photos/ 1 comments

Images and visuals are the backbone of all creative and successful social media campaigns. The following are 15 images before and after they were edited using the following image editing applications: Whitagram, VSCOcam and Repix. I edited 5 images on each application, and also used 5 different photo compositions techniques throughout this entire process.