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I bought my first smartphone (iPhone 3GS) in the fall of 2009, which was 2.5 years after the launch of the original iPhone and the start of the consumer smartphone era. I bought my second smartphone in the spring of 2013 (iPhone 5), which was less than a year after the launch of the device in the fall of 2012. I am now looking to upgrade to a newer model, and that is only 2 years after my last purchase as opposed to the 4 years in between my first and second smartphone. [1]The Evolution of the Smartphone. Pocket Now, “”

My personal smartphone purchase history is not a universal indicator of the growth of technology and social media, but it shows the demand and necessity to keep up with digital trends, whether it is with mobile devices or the digital tools you use on them.

In the last year there has been many preview indicators of the coming digital trends in the next 3 years. Wearables (smart watches), mobile video, connected homes, connected cars, mobile payments, print distribution, and native advertising, are only a few of the trends that we should be aware of in the future. [2]Digital Media Trends for 2015. The Guardian, “”

However, out of all the digital trends, I believe personal content distribution will be the one to have the most impact on an organization’s digital strategy within the next 3 years, especially when it comes to marketing on messaging services. While marketing on mobile video, native advertising, location and print have been in the conversation before, the realm of in-app messaging advertising remains relatively untapped.

The private nature in which users interact with messaging applications, where personal phone numbers, contact lists, and chat logs are provided for services, makes it a competitive and restricted arena for marketers. But, any untapped market will undoubtedly open itself to the masses and eventually become a mainstream platform for businesses.

Being an untapped platform for advertising is not the only reason why messaging applications can have an impact on social media strategies of an organization. Now that companies are slowly being allowed to have branded accounts in messaging platforms (Line App from Japan), they will eventually be able to start conversations with users and engage with them on a human level without having to make a sale. This could potentially encourage organizations emphasis on personal engagement on messaging applications rather than convincing them to buy something, which is where “social shopping” can be effective. [3]SXSW 2015 Digital Trends Session by Amy Webb. Webbmedia Group, ...continue

My smartphone purchase history indicates that I am a reluctant consumer of digital devices and technology. Unless there is a clear means to an end, I will not go through with a transaction. As content-creator in training, I try to be diligent in educating myself with the changes in technology and popular culture, but not all of these digital trends are applicable to me personally. Trends such as wearables, connected home, or connected cars do not interest me in this stage of life, thus tangible products will not be as practical or educational for me to be relevant.

On the other hand, I can use the devices and technology I currently have to stay as relevant as possible, given my current limitations. I would have to explore tools such as IFTTT and the Mumble app to optimize my devices to track trends without me lifting a finger. These ambient interfaces will be programmed to collect data while I am inactive and away from my devices while serving as smarter push notifications.

To conclude this post, I created a simplified infographic on how to stay relevant in the growing digital and social world:

Infographic: How To Stay Relevant In Social Media

Written and Created by Philbert Lui

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