One Selector To Rule Them All: CSS Basics

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As an aspiring content creator, it is necessary to know the basics of coding, particularly with CSS and HTML. You do not have to be an expert on CSS or HTML, you don’t even have to be mediocre. However understanding the logic, method and structure behind coding is the first step in digesting how the Internet works visually.

Using my own website as an example, I activated 3 separate WordPress themes, and for each theme I went into the backend where the CSS Style Sheet is located to modify 3 different CSS selectors. The before-and-after effects of these selectors are displayed in the three galleries below. [1]CSS How To, W3Schools.

*Click on the image for full resolution.

WordPress Theme: Twenty Thirteen

WordPress Theme: Twenty Fourteen

WordPress Theme: Twenty Fifteen

Written by Philbert Lui


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1. CSS How To, W3Schools.

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