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Edit On The Fly: Online Image Editors

plui/ October 27, 2015/ Photos/ 0 comments

In my previous entry, “Composing Images on Social Media and Smartphones”, I demonstrated the effectiveness about utilizing photo composition techniques for your social media images, and how important it is. Today I will be highlighting the perks of on-the-fly image editing. There are many useful mobile image editors out there for you to alter your photos just be using a web browser.

One Selector To Rule Them All: CSS Basics

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As an aspiring middle-weight content creator, it is very necessary to know the basics of coding, particularly with CSS and HTML. Now, you don’t have to be an expert on CSS or HTML, you don’t even have to be competent. But understanding how the coding works is the first step in digesting how the Internet works visually.

Breaking Down the Ruler of Social Media: Facebook

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Facebook is King, Facebook is Queen, Facebook is on everyone’s screen! Using Slideshare, I have created a minimalistic and digestible presentation that breaks down the statistics and scope of the juggernaut of social media: Facebook. In the 11 years that Facebook has been around, it has sparked a shift in the zeitgeist that transformed the way we use computers and mobile phones. Other than Google, no website on the Internet has as much dominance, reach, and power as Facebook.

Composing Images on Social Media and Smartphones

plui/ October 17, 2015/ Photos/ 1 comments

Images and visuals are the backbone of all creative and successful social media campaigns. The following are 15 images before and after they were edited using the following image editing applications: Whitagram, VSCOcam and Repix. I edited 5 images on each application, and also used 5 different photo compositions techniques throughout this entire process.

Three Digital Advertising Terms We Take For Granted

plui/ October 6, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

When you look at your computer screen or your phone everyday and begin to go about your daily browsing on the Internet, do you not notice certain technical terms you use without know what they actually mean? Think about terms like HTML, cache, URL, DSL, or even Wi-Fi, do you know what they all mean?

Copyright Series – Part II: Canadian Images

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When was the first time you realized you stole something? As a child, it is easy to grasp the concept of stealing as it usually pertains to tangible objects like candy, toys, coins, or bills. But as someone who grew up at the height of internet piracy, and I ask that same question, “when was the first time you realized you stole something, on the Internet?” – would you be able to answer?

Copyright Series – Part I: Image Hosting Services

plui/ October 6, 2015/ Ponderings/ 3 comments

Copyright and ownership with online digital images is something all internet-users take for granted at one point or another. We assume that if it’s online and we can save it onto our phones or desktops that it is ours to use however we see fit. But that isn’t the case! This will be the first of a three-part blog series talking about image use on the Internet and what not to do with images on social med