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How To Better Deliver Your Content – Strategy Models

plui/ September 29, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

After exploring the concept of strategy and tactics in my previous entry, Volunteer In Headlights, I continued my thought process and explored the concept of strategy models. I found that strategy models are vehicles to help implement and assess tactics as well as strategies.

Streamlining Your Visual Content & Be Consistent

plui/ September 26, 2015/ Ponderings/ 0 comments

Often when you notice something wrong or lacking in a brand or person’s social media outlet it is usually a direct cause of lack of consistency across all platforms. While one may want to deliver the same type of message across multiple social platforms, the way it is visualized depends on the structure of the platform itself and also the device you are using…

Closing the Social Media Gap in Nonprofits

plui/ September 24, 2015/ Ponderings/ 1 comments

Anyone who uses social media will unavoidably come in contact with a marketer’s strategy on a daily basis. Everything we like has been capitalized from our online personas by converting our interests into dollars. But it seems that this is particularly true for corporate businesses, while non-profit and government agencies are severely lacking in the same level of prevalence.

Volunteer In Headlights

plui/ September 22, 2015/ Ponderings/ 6 comments

As the former Volunteer Coordinator at the Toronto Reel International Asian Film Festival, I have noticed the various strategies and tactics at a human resources level that follows similar patterns to larger corporations and institutions. Many grassroots tactics were explored to help increase competitive advantage in an arena where costs and return may not be the determining factor…